My Latest Favorite Song(s) #18 – from Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy had some pretty good songs on it. Here are two cover versions I particularly like:

Lyle Workman & The Forest Rangers did this very soulful instrumental version of Fortunate Son.

Other good covers include Hey, Hey, My, My, Gimme Shelter, Someday Never Comes, and (below) White Buffalo’s version of House of the Rising Sun. Enjoy!

Sons of Anarchy.. not the greatest show by a long shot, but one out of every three episodes seemed tighter with better flow and structure. Wonder why?

4 thoughts on “My Latest Favorite Song(s) #18 – from Sons of Anarchy”

  1. I would add to the great covers the “All Along the Watch Tower” cover, as well as the “House of the Rising Sun” ones.

  2. Dylan didn’t write it, I believe it’s a very old folk song. I have a version by The Black Crowes, and a pretty bad one from Pete Townshend. This is a live version of what I suspect you’re thinking of:

    Him and Johnny Cash. The studio version is on Nashville Skyline, my favorite Dylan album. Add link for the one you’re think of please.

    Glen, I did mention House of the Rising Sun, I didn’t much care for Watchtower.

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