Super Bowl LII Post-Mortem

The Patriots lost to the Eagles last night. Darn shame. As usual, a couple plays here and there made the difference. The Patriots tried a sneaky pass to Tom Brady, it bounced off his fingers. The Eagles tried a sneaky pass to Nick Foles, he caught it for a touchdown. In the end, the better team won. The MVP of the game was really the Eagles front office and coaching staff. They are deep, versatile, aggressive, and smart. The smarts and aggression paid off with 4th down conversions. They deserved it.

And yet — I can’t help but wonder. Would it have been different with Brandin Cooks playing? And Malcolm Butler, why on earth wasn’t he used once? And of course, losing Julian Edelman for the entire season.

Oh well. We’ll get ’em next year. And knowing the Patriots, that’s very likely true!

One thought on “Super Bowl LII Post-Mortem”

  1. It felt a little bit like SB 31, when Parcells was checking his watch on the sideline, wondering how much longer before he could go join the Jets. I hate that teams are allowed to interview the staff while the playoffs are still going. I almost felt like Patricia was keeping a couple of plays in his pocket so they’d be new for his new team.

    It’s hard to be too upset, considering last year’s 35-things-in-a-row-have-to-go-our-way ending. We had an awesome team, and we lost an important game. Ah well.

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