More of “our” Blogs (Cross-Promotion)

Many of the readers of this blog (okay, just about all the readers) are personally known to me. Since we all know one another, here are a few other blogs run by ‘us’. The only thing we all have in common is low readership and infrequent posting, so get in there and inspire the authors to write more often.

  • Sidney VanNess: Sid was kind enough to host Muttroxia for its first ten years or so. He has just started his own blog (inspired by Muttroxia?). It’s too early to say what it’s about yet, but it is bound to be insightful and entertaining, like Sid himself.
  • Montyland (Steve Montagna): Steve is an old school mate, much like Muttroxia he writes about whatever he feels like with no particular center. Somewhat of an outrage valve, so a fair amount on gun violence and the GOP.
  • Attention Deficit Delirium (Bryan Reesman): Almost forgot him…. unlike these other blogs, Bryan has actually made a successful career out of the content, reviewing and writing about music. His site hasn’t been updated for a while, he’s probably too busy with actual paying gigs.
  • Pete Tao: Another old school chum, Pete puts out smart postings on the business of real estate, centered in San Francisco area. I’m waiting for his musings on the Celtics, The Cars, and Fantasy Football.
  • You may also like… (Steve Robinson): Steve and I worked together in many roles over the years. This blog is for his thoughts on Decision Support. As a leader in technology, analytics, business intelligence, data science, and many other related buzzword disciplines, each post will leave you smarter.

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