Odds of Trump Collusion (Predicting Muellers Findings), + 4 months

To end 2017, I predicted the results of Mueller investigation. Four months later, new angles and findings are coming out every week. Overall, I think those predictions are holding up well. People in Trumps close orbit were guilty as sin. They worked with the Russians and betrayed America. Trump himself is a dupe and a moron, but unlikely to have colluded. If he had underhanded relations with the Russians, it was about his business interests.

I stand by the outcome predictions as well. No matter what Mueller finds, there will be no serious impeachment hearings. I believe Lindsey Graham is the sole GOP Congressman not retiring/dying to state any kind of limits on Trump.

One thought on “Odds of Trump Collusion (Predicting Muellers Findings), + 4 months”

  1. John Kennedy from Louisiana also has impressed me at times. Good pushback on unqualified judicial nominees, etc.

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