Wonder Woman 1984 Review


I liked it. But. Whereas the first one had a plot and characters that mostly made sense, enough to suspend disbelief, this one was bloated and much more nonsensical.

  • The whole intro scene on Amazon Island was really cool, but had nothing to do with anything.
  • Wonder Woman develops the power to fly, by listening to advice how to hold your body to create airfoils and such. Thirty seconds later, none of that matters as she orients her body any way she feels and still flies.
  • She has the power to make things invisible. But never uses it except for a needless plot point about the plane. If you can turn things invisible, maybe that is a power that could be used in other productive ways?
  • The whole wishing mechanism was never adequately explained.
  • Much like Games of Thrones final season, characters have a way of being where they need to be for no real reason. The global communications network happens to be 100 feet from where Allister is wandering? Why not!
  • Like Game of Thrones, if anyone cared enough about writing, the problems could have been fixed. Tighten up the motivations, give a bit more exposition where needed, leave out irrelevant scenes – suddenly your movie is twice is good.

The first Wonder Woman gets an A. This one gets a B at best. It would be lower, but the good acting of the main characters saves it.